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Ocean Grazer 3.0

A hybrid, modular and scalable renewable energy capture and storage device

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The Device

The Ocean Grazer combines wave energy converter
technology with on-site energy storage and wind turbines
to harvest renewable energy off shore.

Each hybrid device delivers significantly higher
and continuous power output compared
to separate wave or wind technology solutions.
Lossless storage systems smoothen the intermittent
power output of wind and wave energy converters,
offering energy buffering capabilities to satisfy
energy market demand and maximize revenue.

The integration of technologies and infrastructure
leads to a cost-efficient solution for harvesting
multi-source offshore renewable energy.



Ocean Grazer 1.0


  • Integrated Wind, Wave & Storage
    • Increased resource efficiency
    • Shared network infrastructure
  • Lossless Storage & Controllable Output
    • Independent of weather conditions
    • Fully isolated internal working structure
    • Adaptable to market demand via energy buffer capabilities
  • Adaptability to Resource Variability
    • Energy absorbtion over wide wave spectrum
    • Extraction efficiency maximization via wave prediction and sensing
Ocean Grazer 2.0


  • All features of 1.0 plus:
  • Self-contained fractal modules
    • Easy installation, mooring and maintenance
    • Increased stability with seabed-anchored pods
    • Omnidirectional array design
  • Scalable Solution
    • Deployable across the globe
    • Multi-configuration energy farms
Ocean Grazer 3.0


  • All features of 2.0 plus:
  • Gravity-based Foundation
    • Short on-site installation time
    • Limited disturbance to ecosystems
    • Reduced footprint via integration of storage modules within pods

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