The Advanced Production Engineering and Discrete Technology & Production Automation groups of the Engineering & Technology Institute Groningen (ENTEG) are seeking to recruit a post-doctoral researcher to work on a novel wave energy harvester device that is currently under development at the University of Groningen.

Consmema Ltd. has spoken its intent to collaborate with the University of Groningen in the Ocean Grazer project. The intended participation is a long-term commitment to share knowledge and capabilities during the realisation of the Ocean Grazer, including the development of prototypes, test facilities and production of various components.

One year after the demonstration of the first functional scale prototype of the Ocean Grazer, the first prototype suitable for wave tanks has been launched.

first wave tank experiments

On Thursday the 25th of June from 13:00 - 17:00 we will host an 'open-house' to inform you all about the ongoing research and progress of the Ocean Grazer project, including a demonstration of the first wave tank experiment.

The Klaas Dijkstra Funds Foundation has decided to provide a financial contribution specifically intended to enhance mechanical systems of test setups.