Thales Nederland B.V. has decided to become a member of the Ocean Grazer Network. This network is a collaboration between companies, organizations and research institutes that have declared active support and a principal willingness to participate in the further development of the Ocean Grazer. Individual members will be approached to participate in specific research projects.  

About Thales Nederland B.V.

Thales Nederland B.V. was founded in 1922 in Hengelo and is nowadays active as a subsidiary of the Thales Group. Thales Nederland B.V. is primarily involved in naval defence systems with radars, sensors and infrared systems, as well as air defence, communications, optronics, cryogenic cooling systems and navigation products.

The Gedeputeerde Staten (English: Provincial Executive) of the province of Groningen, now formally decided to support the Ocean Grazer project and expressed this in a letter of intent. The representative on Energy Transition of the province of Groningen, Nienke Homan, visited the project earlier to inform herself about the ongoing developments of the Ocean Grazer. 


Recently de Ingenieur, a Dutch montly-appearing magazine published by the royal institute of engineers since 1886, published an article about the Ocean Grazer, highlighting the results of the first wave tank trials which have shown a 95% reduction of wave energy content from a scaled system with ten floater elements. Although these measurements are still preliminary, the results of the first wave tank trials as well as simulation models are nevertheless promising. The overall efficiency of conversion of available wave energy to electrical energy is expected to be in the range of 60% to 70%, which is extraordinary for a wave energy converter.

These high levels of efficiency can be achieved thanks to the core innovation of the Ocean Grazer, which is its adaptive system which can adapt the load depending on the incoming wave, to deal efficiently with the large variability of ocean waves that can occur. 

The online article of de Ingenieur can be accessed here



The representative (gedeputeerde) of the province of Groningen on Energy Transition, Environment and Human Resources, Nienke Homan (GroenLinks) visited the Ocean Grazer project at the University of Groningen to witness first hand the current progress of this project.

Teaser Nienke Homan

In the latest publication of the KIJK, a Dutch populair scientific orientated magazine, attention was given to the Ocean Grazer project in the category "Nedertech". Within this category an invention from Dutch soil is highlighted each month. The full article can be read in the KIJK no. 9, september 2015, available in most Dutch book stores and online

KIJK magazine cover