The Ocean Grazer Network is a collaboration between companies, government bodies, organizations and research institutes that have declared active support and a principal willingness to participate in the further development of the Ocean Grazer. Network members will be invited to participate in specific research proposals, depending on their area of expertise.

We are currently in the process of building the Ocean Grazer Network by approaching various national and international companies. If you're interested in becoming a network partner and would like to inquire about the possibilities, please contact us here



Network Partners


Logo Consmema

  Logo DJONS
 Logo Haltin    

Logo Thales

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Academic Network Partners


Logo Aalborg                  Logo EHU

Aalborg University, Denmark
Prof. R. Wisniewski, Department of Electronic Systems

  University of the Basque Country, Spain
Prof. G.I. Berastegui, Department of Nuclear Engineering and Fluid Mechanics
Logo NTUA  

Logo Mines ParisTech

National Technical University of Athens, Greece
Assoc. Prof. J. Anagnostopoulos, School of Mechanical Engineering, Section of Fluids
   MINES Paristech, France
Dr. V.A. Yastrebov, Centre des Matériaux, CNRS
Logo Patras   Logo Imperial College
University of Patras, Greece
Dr. N.A. Avgerinos, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics
  Imperial College London, United Kingdom
Dr. E. Kerrigan, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering




The following parties have financially supported the project:

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