One of the core innovations of the Ocean Grazer is its adaptability. Unlike conventional wave energy harvesters, which only achieve their optimum energy extraction efficiencies for limited ranges of wave heights and periods, the Ocean Grazer’s multi-pump, multi-piston power-take off (MP2PTO) system can adapt itself to incoming wave heights and periods to maximize energy extraction. Specifically, each floater element powers one multi-piston pump and is designed to be able to respond to almost any incoming wave profile: the load on each floater can be varied by using a combination of different sized pistons. For small waves, the smallest piston can be used to maximize the efficiency of the energy extraction. For larger waves, energy can be extracted in multiple steps along the length of the grid of floaters, termed the floater blanket, employing a number of multi-piston pumps, while a combination of different piston sizes can be used within each multi-piston pump to gradually increase the load and pumping capacity. In this manner, the Ocean Grazer will be able to efficiently extract energy from waves of 1-12 meters in height and 4-20 seconds in period.


To maximize the energy extraction, the load on each floater element can be adapted by varying with different sized pistons. For small waves, only the smallest pistons will be activated to allow energy extraction, while for larger waves energy is extracted in multiple steps.