The core technology of the Ocean Grazer, being the multi-pump, multi-piston power take-off (MP2PTO) system is currently in development to be able to demonstrate the technology, eventually resulting in a prototype of the system within its operational environment before commercial deployment. 

Although many components of the Ocean Grazer already exist and are well-proven technologies, the integration of the various technologies requires research to be able to reliable predict performance as well as improve the performance of components where possible. Various numerical models are currently in development describing the behaviour of the pumping system, the floater blanket and the stability of the device in various wave conditions to contribute to the development and optimization of the technology. To ensure the validity of these models, several functional prototypes of the major components of the MP2PTO system have been developed. 

To validate the core technology, the first wave tank experiments have been initiated consisting of a 1/35th scale prototype version of the floater blanket with ten interconnected floater members, each equipped with an individual working and controllable pumping system to control and maximize the energy extraction. These first experiments demonstrate the working of the concept and first test results confirm the adaptability of the system to maximize energy extraction in various wave conditions. 


 First wave tank experiments of the Ocean Grazer device, consisting of one floater row with ten floater elements. The load on each floater is adapatable to simulate the effect of different piston configurations.